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Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005, 01:56 pm
hey there

hey people! i know i have not updated in a long time! so i will update now!
well i have not been doing much of anything lately....just been hanging out doing my excercise...and watch my shows..and hangout with mikey and friends...

lili has been gone for a couple of days..she went to canada and wisconsin to meet wesleys family..how fun..hehe..it seems like she is having a good time..she is coming back though tonight more like tomorrow morning..so thats good..

mikey was gone for about a week..to washington..with his friend...it seemed like he had a good time; however he missed me tons..hehe..but he is back..and i picked him up on sunday at the airport..and we hungout in my room..and decided what to do..and after a lot of silence..we decided to stick with the original plan..which was ponchos! and then fireworks..hehe it was fun though...and then we hung out ..cassie his sister came to pick him up with her friend ruby..and then we all chatted for about an hour..that was fun..

then monday was the fourth of july..that was a lot of fun..good times good times..i went over mikeys around noon...hungout with cassie and their next door neighbor vanessa..while mikey was in the shower..that was fun..they are two funny gals..then i hungout with mikey..ate..and played battleship which was a fun game..just made too much noise!..hehe..then we went inside watched something on the national geographic channel about tattoos..that was interesting and pretty gross too..thats when mikey didnt want to move so i started to tickle him and he spilled punch on his shirt..and the carpet..i felt bad..about the carpet..but he got it out i suppose

then we played with the next door neighbor dog soo cute..its a little terrier..reminded me of chachi..and then the rest of the night...we hung out and watched the fireworks...

mikey played a mean joke on me...we went to go see his dog tommy who is a black lab...a big dog..and we went to go pet him..and there was this brown bag...and mikey goes you can feed him some treats..and i said okay where are they..and he was like in the brown bag..and i said are you sure i can feed him treats..did he have his dinner yet..and he was like yea..as i open the bag i see the little brown balls...and then i took a whiff..(almost reached my hand to get some) and finally realized that it was crap! that was soo mean..mikey thought it was hillarious..i couldnt believed he did that..but i just laughed..and the smell stayed in my nose for about a minute or two..gross huh?

then i left his house around 10:45...it was fun though..i love em lots..

in about two or three weeks we are going to lake havasu...which should be fun..alrighty..

well this week nothing much is goin on..going to try to get with the girlies for late dinner or early lunch..and then thats about it..alrighty well im gonna go..see ya

Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005, 10:04 pm
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Tue, Jun. 14th, 2005, 10:02 pm
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Wed, Jun. 8th, 2005, 12:38 am
cant sleep

well its wednesday at about 12:39 pm...and i cant sleep
usually i can go to bed pretty easily, but tonight i cant...i dont know i guess i am not in the best of moods right now..im not in a bad mood..just kinda in a blah mood....dont you ever get those feelings...

well mike is in sacramento..i havent really talked to him much today...if you add up all the minutes probably a total of five minutes...he tells me to call him at 11 and then when i do he needs to take a shower..and then when he calls back its just to say he cant talk goodnight...i guess they have some type of bedtime schedule over there...which shouldnt apply to him considering he is not playing, but he doesnt have a room to himself...so they probably have the bedtime schedule...

so its weird..usually when i cant sleep i call him...and i texted him, and then i called..and he had his phone off..he probably turned it off because he knew that some how i would call. sucks ...

this friday i am goin to palm springs with my family and wes it should be fun..but not as fun as it was supposed to be. originally all the boyfriends including mine would come, but mine is not coming because of his trip for track to sacramento...he wanted to watch his friends play. so it would have been more fun if he were coming, but he told me that even if he were not going to sarcramento he still would have not gone because he needs to practice...and i was like practice what since your whole team is gone..and he said he would practice himself...i guess just workout....

a part of me wishes he would just show up friday, and then the other part doesnt want him to come at all...because i know it would just be because i wanted him to, and not because he personally wanted to. i just hope this weekend goes by fast...

i usually sleep with my ear piece and mike is on the other end...because we dont want to get brain cancer..with having the cell phone on our ears...so we use the ear piece to prevent that...so i think that i have gotten so use to falling asleep with him on the phone..that i cant sleep...i usually have a hard time falling asleep anyway...i fall asleep most easily when someone is either awake, talking, or when the sun is about to come up..i know its weird but thats when i sleep best.

oh well...i should probably learn to fall asleep alone, rather than depending on others to make my sleep better...

well this next weekend coming up..we want to go play pool with the girls, so if anyone wants to come just let me know.

Sat, Jun. 4th, 2005, 10:01 pm
hello peeps

well i know i have not written in a while...so i am going to update a bit!
first off congrats elena in getting into SC!

Well my weekend was tons of fun! Thursday i helped around the house...did some reading for my jobs..and then hungout...last friday i went to the dance recital for bernards..that was fun..hungout with molly, janette, orlando, victor, wes, lili, and mikey...we all went to Chilis except for Janette..but it was still fun to hangout with them again..the dance recital was good except for the ending...i didnt like it much...

This thursday mikey came over because he was sleeping over wesley's...and then he brough me some coldstones..yum! and we watched tv..and hungout in my room...talked ...then friday...he came over again..and we all went to breakfest at IHOP..in westchester where we bumped into Mrs. Roberts... and Brother Jim, Dr. Soza, and Mrs. Cotton...and we like practically sat right by them..we said hi..and went to eating..then afterwards...we went back to my house mikey changed his clothes..and him and i went to walk Cha Chi on the beach...that was fun! but we forgot to put quarters into the machine..so thank goodness mikey remebered and he ran back and put them in..then afterwards..this old lady fell in love with my doggy...and she just kept petting her and we talked with this lady for like 15 mins..she gave her water...i was soo glad she didnt growl or back at this woman...hehe..but it was funny she asked me and mikey our signs..and told us things about ourselves..like she was a psychic..or something it was hillarious..she was dead on about some stuff...then finally we left...then i took him to practice at west l.a.

i picked him up around 4:30 and he took a shower..then afterwards we went browsing some cars at the toyota dealer...he was looking at the matrix and i was like at the scion tc.....its between the scion tc and the volvo s40..for me...so my dad said we have to look at em..and sit in them and see which one i feel the most comfiest in...but its gonna be tough because the volvo is my favorite!! but its expensive..and i can suit up the tc...for less then 20,000...so i am not sure yet..i have to sit in it first...but its a goodlooking car...

then after we looked at cars..we met my sisters and wesley at Chilis for dinner, but i had a horrible headache..i got my friend that day...well i had it for awhile but yesterday was when i felt most pain..and i got a bad bad bad headache..that i just lost my appetite...so..before the bill came and while everyone was eating..mikey was done..so i asked him if we could leave..so we left..and i got in my jammies..and he gave me scratchies in my hair..and massages...till i fell asleep..and he slept over that night..and then he went to sleep...on the couch (moms orders :( so then we woke up..at i dropped him back off at west l.a. for practiced..and then picked him up around 1:30 and then he took me to lunch at houstons..and we had good convos..

then i took him back to his house, stayed for about thirty minutes said hi to the familia..and let the traffic die down..and then..i left..i gave him kissies and huggies..i love em lots!

when i got home my mom was stressed as usual with her new software that she has to use for work...so i told my sisters to bring her fav drink at starbucks and we got her some flowers..to brighten her spirits...

well anyways my weekend was good...

love you mikey!

Fri, May. 13th, 2005, 10:32 am
hey there peeps!

well this semester went great!

i am finally done with school..i have NO finals!...yea! i have no finals beacuse i did well on all my tests i my classes that the teachers said i didnt have to take the final..therefore leaving me...with nothing to do or study for next week! hehe...I AM SO EXCITED ..AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT..IM ABOUT TO LOOSE CONTROL BUT I THINK I LIKE IT!...hehehe awesome huh?

this summer is gonna be filled with fun...! in june i am going to palm springs with the familia....then early july i am going camping with mikey, wes, lili, molly, and brandon....and maybe some other poeople....then later in july i am going to havasu with mikey wes and the iskies..and maybe my sis nat and her man if she can get some time off work...then hopefully late july me lili wes and mikey will be going to vegas to celebrate wes's 21st bday...A MONTH LATE! haha..so i guess we can celebrate mikeys..hehe..then august i have nothing planned YET!....and of course this will be a disneyland filled summer!

in about two weeks i am going with my friend Valeria....and then lili and wes will meet us there later because she is working till about 3...its gonna be fun...the other day we played pool at school..and well we made fools of ourselves! hehe but hey it was still fun!

next semester is gonna be tough... i am taking 16 units...

PSY 130
MATH 103
KIN 142 (Aerobics!)

i hope my design classes go well...i am going to take two classes for my major..and then 3 g.e. classes...just to get those stupid things out of the way!!!!

well i dont know what i am doing this weekend...doesnt seem like i will be doing anything ..but oh well...time to rest!
hope everything is going well....

tamara are you still planning the luau?

talk to you later!

Fri, Apr. 8th, 2005, 04:55 pm
birthday is almost here!

well the month of april has started..isnt that wonderful..it is the best month of the year..well because it is my birthday month! hehe..well everything is going great at the BEACH...im busy..all my professors are really cool...they are nice..and pretty understanding...i had a paper due monday but now only half of its due..which is really cool..that class is like br. chris' class but with a girl teacher...well i guess its not that different considering br.chris' feminie voice..hehe..jk...but other than that everything is going great..it seems to me that i am passing my math class..which is a plus! i am basically passing all my classes with at least an A or a B..which is good..

as for my social life..i got to see mikey weds..and thursday which was very nice since i dont see him on the weekdays that often. it was fun....tonight we are gonna rent movies..but before i should at least write a quick outline for my paper..because at least i tried to do something productive! my friend valerie and lisette are thinking about doing summer abroad for our jr. year...it will most likely be somewhere in Europe....but its like 5,000 dollars..so lets just say ..i have to save up a lot of money..but if things go well..it should be fun...

as for jobs..i am looking to work at a hotel..perferrably a 5 star hotel..hehe..but yea..probably next year...so i can have this summer off..but as for now..i am content reading moms job..and getting like 300 dollar checks at the least..so i am good..i really only need money for food, shopping, and phone..oh and shopping..did i say that already? hehehe i just love shopping!

well everything is going really good..and it looks like everything is going good for all of us..summer is almost here..
and i cant wait for the luau ...about that ..how is that going?

Mon, Mar. 7th, 2005, 03:47 pm
at school

well i am again at school..waiting for lili to get out of class..i do have homework..but not a ton..so i am going to start that tomorrow....this weekend was a lot of fun..

friday i picked up mikey...i hungout at his dorm for a couple of hours..had lunch with him and his roomate kent...the i saw donald..so i said hi to him for a bit to see what was up..then we hungout..then we met up with lili and wes at el toritos at redondo beach pier..it was such pretty scenery...however..the food wasnt the best...the one in manhattan beach is way better..huh mikey!!!...

then saturday....i woke up early to see mike's track meet at CSULB..which was fun..and then straight after that i went to choir practice...and then the rest of the night i hungout with my parents...

sunday we sang at the 9am mass..THE LONGEST MASS EVER!!! an hour and 40 mins!! but the homily was quite entertaining i didn't get bored..and it felt like it went faster..then...mikey wanted to take me out to dinner...but before that i hungout with my grandparents..and then went to pick up mike at SC...and we went to Hunnington Beach...to the Harbor Cafe...eventhough i was not that hungry..because i stuffed my face with ice before i got there,....the cheese fries were delicious..def. my favorite of the meal..hehe..it was a cute place...i enjoyed myself...then we came back home....and watched Their Eyes Were Watching God..with my family..that was fun because i got to lay on him..and he played with my hair the whole movie i love that! heheh thanks mr.

so now...im in school..i got an A- on my english 100 paper...and i dotn know what i got on my math...but i dont think i did that great..

but anyways...i hope everyone is having a great time..SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST NEAR AND IM GOING TO LAKE HAVASU!!! yea!

and just before you know it summer will be here too!

Mon, Feb. 28th, 2005, 04:34 pm
summer please come!!!

well i know i have written in awhile so here i go...

well this weekend was a ton of fun..on friday i picked mikey up and we went to disneyland for the evening..and lili and wes met us there after she got off of work..that was fun we rode like two rides ate and then left..fun times..we got on the carousel..and whil mike was putting on my seat belt..some little girl took his.so he had to ride on a lonely horse..hehe..que funny..

then saturday me and the posse..lili and wes..went to claremont college..to go see mike's SC track meet..it was fun..he did a great job..his coach said he was really good..and it was fun to watch..even though mike got us lost with directions like always!!! later that evening we went bowling that was fun...and i kicked everybodys butts! (with 45 points..hehe yea right!)

then sunday i picked up mikey from wesleys..we went to Ponchos for brunch..and then we walked on the beach..and well i got my pants wet from the water..not nice! and mike wanting to be all romantic and all..like the movies...swings me off of my feet...and WHAT HAPPENS..he looses his balance i loose mine..and we fall like idiots..and it got me really dizzy thanks mike! i love you though...

and now im at school..we want to go to catalina for our spring break..so it should be fun...but mike has a different spring break then ours..so...i dont know..

AND i want summer to come becaue us for are going to Vegas for Wes' 21st birthday hehe..its gonna be lots of fun..even though most of us are underage its gonna be a good time...maybe i can convince them to see Celine Dion...i highly doubt it..

Long Beach is going great..its almost over this second semester...can't wait..to just relax..well everyone..i hope everyone is having a fun time in college...it seems like its going faster than high school doesnt it?....

P.S. did everyone see Nellys post of the party...if you are gonna go..tell me okay?!? thanks

Wed, Feb. 16th, 2005, 07:08 pm

I am tierd, but what i am craving is a box of SEE's chocalate butters and some Cold Stone!!! yum....alrighty i hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day with their special someone ..

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